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A large global Vitamin C immunity support supplement brand approached オンカジ k8 to help expand its market share in the increasingly popular home delivery market through the grocery delivery platform, Instacart.


Using Instacart’s self-serving ads platform, オンカジ k8 created a multi-level strategy to place the brand in front of their target customers when they were most likely to add products to their cart while doing their grocery shopping online.

  • Setting up search grid & buy campaigns for each unique product
  • Gain valuable keyword insight through researching both organic Instacart keywords and other relevant platforms as well.
  • Using keyword insights, set up a campaign  campaign that combines multiple product lines and Ad Groups into the most efficient and effective strategy possible.
  • Establish a baseline for organic sales by aggressively bidding on category keywords and capturing a maximum amount of impressions and clicks.
  • Make a bold move into branded keywords with a strong bidding strategy that puts the brand in front of competitors.
  • Continuous improvement of keyword bidding achieved by leveraging AI and manual tactics for keyword optimization.


  • Instacart
  • Strategy


The pandemic has increased the demand for immunity boosting products and ingredients, with  research showing that 75% of consumers are now seeking  healthier foods and beverage options.Google Trends shows that searches for ‘food’ and ‘immune system’ jumped 670% between February and March 1 .

In addition, immunity supplements sales growth is projected to increase over 25% in 2020, up from 8.5% growth in the previous years 2 . The pandemic has created the highest growth year in over a decade for the immunity supplement industry.

On top of all that, consumers have flocked to online grocery delivery apps in droves. Instacart saw a 296.5% rise in app downloads between February and March 2020, right after the pandemic hit 3 .

Rapidly emerging trends in the supplements market and shopping preferences gave Airborne a golden opportunity to position themselves on Instacart to reach their target customers online.

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